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Fan Cover? Where? By me? Watch now!

Hello dears!
I didn't know what to write as a title...so I put in Random things XDXDXD
I'll be brief, since I'm starving to the point that I'd swallow my Philips 107 monitor XDXD
I just wanted to get my new cover / fandub to your attention.
I had planned to record more stuff today, but only this took 4 hours...because I'm one hell of a perfectionist!! XDXD
At the end I was so tired that I gave up and just mixed the song without thinking twice XDXD
The song is Sou wa Ittemo Sekai wa Owaranai, it's an insert song of the anime Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru and is sang by 3 seiyuu with totally different voices...
So it was actually difficult because I tried doing the 3 parts by myself, trying to change my voice...
The result seemed good as I listened the song in the Speakers, but sucks as I listen to it in my headphones...dunno why...
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and give me some nice comments to help me improve! ^O^
(and maybe thumbs up if you have a Youtube account? :P)

Maids - Sou wa Ittemo Sekai wa Owaranai (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Insert Song)

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